The solid-state battery is coming: it has what it takes to make a quantum leap in e-cars

The pilot production of solid-state batteries from VW and Quantumscape with a capacity of 1 GWh is to start in Salzgitter as early as 2023. This production capacity is sufficient for 20,000 cars and means entry into large-scale production. It will possibly be the decisive quantum leap that can bring battery electric vehicles to market leadership for decades. Because the advantages of the solid-state battery are manifold:

  • much faster loading times
  • a longer service life
  • less weight
  • less space required

In connection with other leap technologies such as 3D printing and high-level integration of electronic components, there are also almost unlimited possibilities for further technology leaps in the drive. The developers of the next generations can let off steam.

Article: Feststoffbatterie: der Quantensprung in der E-Mobilität?