About us

HOTZ management GmbH is specialized in interim management with focus on turnaround, business development and sales.
Uwe Klaus Hotz has more than 10 years of experience as an interim manager. His primary goal is to multiply the financial and strategic added value for his customers, from short- or long-term personal engagement to recruiting a team of specialists to provide more extensive solutions.
HM Executive Partners disposes of a small network of industry specialists with international experience.
As a partner of medium-sized businesses and their investors, HM analyzes and optimizes areas critical to the sustainable success of innovative medium-sized companies that are distinguished by their use of technology:
the product and value proposition, innovation capacity, and human, financial and technical resources.
HM is active across sectors and focuses on automotive parts supply, machine tools engineering, automation, mobility and technical services. Whether for program management, internationalization, due diligence, post-merger integration or restructuring: HM partners work globally and implement locally.