Success factors for automotive and technology businesses

The most successful technology companies, the “hidden champions”, tend to be found in the category of medium-sized businesses.
They can usually be characterized by the following three striking features:

  1. Value proposition: They offer an extraordinary product or a remarkable service. They offer added value to their customers and their employees. Customers are willing to pay a certain price because they believe that the product or service has a value that continues to increase over the course of time.
  2. Innovation: In the eyes of your customers, your product is constantly being reinvented. You present it with the help of transparent and pertinent arguments and continuously access new markets.
  3. Resources: You have extraordinary employees, streamlined processes, modern investments and infrastructure, and solid financing.

These businesses’ sales are not limited to acquisitions or the politics of prices and conditions, but rather play a central role in the entire product life cycle between the B2B customer and the business.
In general, sales tasks are no longer restricted to the sales department. Rather, they are also taken care of by product developers, customer teams and occasionally by management. Thus, the product is not the only thing that is complex – the same holds true for intra-business and customer communications. The seamlessly interlocking, customer-oriented interfaces of sales, product and process development and service guarantee that the customer perceives the company as a competent one-stop shop.
Companies like this are successful because they know how to optimize their success factors in such a complex environment. This can be achieved only with an extraordinary analysis, targeting and joint implementation process that includes all stakeholders.
I support my customers or head the process myself, either on my own or with the help of partners for particular subtasks, depending on the project.