Hotz Management - Interim Management, Automotive, Vertrieb

Interim and Project Management.

The reason that I and many of my colleagues in the field of interim management enjoy this line of work so much is because it enables us to keep our hands on the pulse at all levels of an organization. We are movers and shakers by vocation; we seek out challenges and have a policy of efficiency and pragmatism as well as a can-do attitude. We use analysis and intuition to quickly develop solutions. As interim project managers, we are usually able to implement measures more rapidly and cost-effectively than through exclusively internal efforts.
We increase sales and revenue, access new markets, increase the competitiveness of product development, strengthen your team and optimize processes and procedures.
We work exactly where you need us, and only until the company itself is able to take over the fine-tuning.
Interim management consists primarily of project and program management.
We structure sales tasks no differently than time critical series ramp-ups:
Targets, schedules and costs are clearly defined. Project run times are between 3 to 30 months.
Our prices are usually amortized before the end of the project.
The company’s additional returns normally amount to a multiple of our fees.